Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ouch my ovaries hurt!

It seems like cruel torture that I can't un-know everything I've learned about tracking my ovulation. For the second month in a row, it's my left ovary that is massively swollen and aching. Last month it hurt for three days before ovulation. This month it was just really swollen and painful for one night (and starting to ache again today). We watched a documentary and something absurdly funny happened, and laughing HURT! In my ovary! Which was also funny since we were watching a documentary on the G-Spot!

I peed on my last ovulation predictor strip last night. I was saving it, in part because there was just one and if I tested too early and it was negative then what? Well, it was positive, but again, not very meaningful since it was the only one I took. I don't know if I was early in the lutenizing hormone surge, midway, or late! Anyway, it's gone. I just wanted to use it up.

Now I wish I would just hurry up and ovulate so my left ovary will stop aching. I mean seriously, it really hurts! I used caster oil packs every second day for about a week, in hope that I can naturally clear the blockage (I've got nothing to lose at this point), and I think the proximal blockage was on the right, so I hold on to this shred of hope, that just maybe it will happen. Meanwhile, I wait for ovulation to actually happen, feel grumpy and cranky and tired. I need to get out for some exercise. And I'm out of bananas. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the fertility clinic, hear my case discussed, get some sense of when I'm going to get that consult. I'm going bananas. There was a time when I didn't know what this ache was, and that it will be soon followed by aching breasts. These things happened but I didn't pay attention and didn't know what it meant. And life was good.

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