Monday, 19 August 2013

What's going on in there?

When I was pregnant, I didn't feel my baby kicking until an ultrasound tech said "do you feel the baby kicking? she's kicking right now". Oh, that's what that is? So many things going on in there, most of it digestive functions, I didn't know how to tell the difference. I needed it pointed out.

Over the past year I've become more and more in tune with various sensations. But I'm not always confident. I think I've got gas figured out. I think I've got my ovaries figured out. Today, my uterus seems to be up to something, but I can't tell what it could be, that's the biggest mystery. Unless it's my bladder playing tricks on me. Hello in there, what's going on? I wish I was a trained ultrasound tech or radiologist and could just scan myself and take a peek. I wonder if they do that? I bet they do.

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