Sunday, 16 November 2014

Last chance

After a good long break (there were other things going on that made me wait this long), today I transferred my one frozen blastocyst from March. The frozen cycle was a lot easier than a fresh cycle - no injections, just oral estrogen and progesterone suppositories, no blood tests, and only one vaginal ultrasound to check my lining. The most stressful part about it was worrying that it wouldn't survive the thaw.

But it did. The lab thawed it yesterday afternoon and it was still growing strong this morning before transfer. Everything went well during the transfer (I forgot how uncomfortable are speculums, but the catheter was smooth and no cramping). I've been resting for the past 6 hours, and while it's hard to ignore "symptoms" I'm going to try and just remain optimistic that this one is the one.