Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Seeing Red

My inbox tends to be full of junk. Junk I subscribe too, but junk nonetheless. Too much of it is baby crap, or related online shopping crap. I should unsubscribe or flag it as junk but I'm not ready. I still cling to hope that I might want to buy something else from or but the regular reminders that I'm not pregnant and nothing they sell can fix that is something from which I soon will need a break. And - I really only need one deal a week, if that, we all have too many clothes, every closet in my house is stuffed.

But this was just too funny. I check my email and there is the regular (luckily not too regular) email from (FYI - shipping to Canada takes way too long and not worth it to save a few bucks on test strips). The email advert included the following:

"Well, researchers have found that the color of a woman's clothing may also be a fertility indicator. Women are more likely to wear red during their most fertile period, and men usually find women in red more attractive. Men are even more willing to spend the big bucks on a date when you wear red!" 

And why is it funny? Because with no thought put into it whatsoever, I grabbed a red t-shirt this morning. And my cervical fluid is screaming for Barry White and that bottle of Rosé in the fridge. Plus, it's our anniversary and we're going out for dinner. I guess I should wear the red dress tonight, not the black. And here is the actual research study, if you like reading that sort of thing (I know I do). It's an easy read, and a simple design. I can also easily think of improvements to the design, but the numbers are pretty striking. I could probably do a quick replication over on my ttc forum.

So, what are you wearing?


  1. LOL i got the same email and looked down to see i was wearing a bright pink shirt...and I should be Oing today. hope you and your hubby have a wonderful evening! --cker

  2. I don't own a single piece of red clothing :S Maybe that's my infertility problem? - fishes