Wednesday, 14 August 2013


This morning I had my long awaited ultrasound. It was far more comprehensive than I expected, but I'm glad (not sure what they're looking for on my kidneys, but at least they are both where they should be). As usual, the lovely tech (who is very lovely because that was very warm belly jelly) couldn't tell me anything about what she could see or couldn't see, aside from the fact that my c-section scar will remain visible on the scan until my womb is as dusty as an egyptian tomb, and the blood flow to my right ovary is so fantastic I could hear my heartbeat! It didn't occur to me until I got home that I could have asked for a picture, although I'm not sure what I'd want to see. I don't really have the trained eyes to see anything meaningful if there is no baby. So no answers today, just more sit by the phone and wait. After an HSG though, internal ultrasound is downright pleasant, nothing but warm and fuzzies!

Ultrasounds can be torturous though. First there is the whole "arrive with a full bladder and then sit there and wait, trying not to burst" thing. On top of that though, when it's an ultrasound for infertility, sitting in a waiting room full of pregnant ladies is also torture. Plus they give out number cards in random order just to mess with you. Everyone else is there with a support person, sometimes with toddlers in tow, which is something I don't really understand. I guess they needed the support person there more than they needed the support person to watch the kids at home.

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