Saturday, 23 November 2013

Jelly Belly

Good ole belly fat - finally you come in handy! Today is the second day of IVF injections. Each day, so far, is two needles in the belly. The anticipation is worse than the shot, and as the days go by that should improve too. At 4pm I get out my gear. I lay out all the bits and pieces for each of the two shots. First I do the Puregon 225 units - my FSH shot. That's easy, it's a preloaded injection pen, I just attach a fresh needle, dial it up to the right dose, and jab away. Second is the Menopur, 1 vial - FSH/LH combo shot. That one involves mixing and I swear I spent 10 minutes fussing over an air bubble in the syringe. It also has the reputation for "burning" but it's really mild. I'd say yes they feel different, and if I had to characterize one as "burning" that would be the one, but I expected worse. So jabbing myself with needles every day is not as scary as I thought. 

Fun facts: Menopur is made from the urine of post menopausal women. Rumour has it they could be Italian Nuns. Before you start cringing, basic hormone replacement therapies are made from horse urine. The Puregon is vaguely described by Merck Pharmaceuticals as "produced from mammalian cells". Is the mammal in question a protected trade secret? Is it multi-mammal, like a 100% "meat" hotdog? I don't know. I'm not sure I want to know. All I know is it's bloody expensive. Roughly $2400 for 10 days, vs $750 for 10 vials of Menopur. I guess urine is cheaper than mystery mammal.

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