Wednesday, 27 November 2013

6 days in...

I've taken my 6th day of shots today. I am officially feeling like a human pincushion. Also, I found that the thicker tummy flab is more comfortable than grabbing a thinner spot a little lower. Maybe that's why there are so many different experiences with these shots, it depends partly on our adiposity. I have enough to go 4 more days but I really hope it's only 3. Yesterday I started to get a little uncomfortable. Today, I am officially uncomfortable. Especially on the left, which is weird because while the follicles are pretty close to even on both sides, the biggest one is on the right by 2mm.

Yesterday was my second monitoring scan. At my first, 12 antral follicles were counted (7 on the right and 5 on the left). Yesterday, on my 5th day of injections, I still had 12 follicles, but 6 on each side?! There is one bigger one on each side, measuring 13 & 11mm, and then 5 on each at roughly 8mm. But that was yesterday and they grow on average 2mm per day, so when I go back in for monitoring on Friday, they should each be 6mm bigger. So that explains the discomfort, and I just expect it to get worse over the next few days as I count down to trigger. It reminds me a lot of the discomfort of late pregnancy, ironically. Also ironic, I've lost 5 lbs in 3 days while on these injections, but I'm so bloated and uncomfortable I can't fit into anything anyway.

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