Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Weighty issues

Before I moved last year I was at a svelte 133lbs (give or take a pound), and comfortably sporting size 4. I'd completely revamped my wardrobe in size 4. I'm only 5'2" so don't get too too jealous, I was still at a BMI of 24, but life was good and I was pleased, even if everything was still flabby and no way was I going to wear a bikini. Since I moved,  and we started trying to get pregnant, it creeped up. Just a tad, but I'm sitting at 140 and have been for a few months. I let this happen. First, because every month I assumed I'd be in maternity clothes in no time, and second, because my stupid hormones give me almost constant mild morning sickness (and have for the past 4 years) that is effectively managed with the same trick as real morning sickness - food. Carbs and nuts especially. At some point along the line I discovered that B6 and magnesium supplements keep the queasiness at bay, so now my only excuse was not to introduce a diet or new workout because maybe this month will be my month.

When I got my diagnosis and it started to sink in, and I started to think I'd never be pregnant again, I searched for a 30-day-abs program that a friend had posted on Facebook a while back. I was planning to start, but never got around to it. Where have we heard that before? I did start randomly doing cardio, but life gets in the way sometimes (again, if you let it). Now that I'm hoping to have a successful IVF before the year is out, getting those washboard abs I never had seems silly. I should still do more cardio, and I should still drop 5-10 lbs so my pants fit again, but who cares about abs.

Well, I've found my calling. The totally-won't-be-undone-by-pregnancy 30-day-ARMS! Thank you Jodi Higgs!

Day 1 - success!

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