Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Watched Pot

Remember the expression, a watched pot never boils? I'm sitting here, 18 hours until my scan and meeting with my nurse, repeatedly checking my countdown timer. I'm very excited, and just a tad anxious about the massive amount of money I have to fork over tomorrow as well. It may not be quite a down payment on a house, but I'd get a house. This is more like buying the dream lottery ticket if the ticket cost $6500. Or like paying a year's tuition for a program with a 30% graduation rate. It's a lot of money with a pretty high chance of coming away empty-handed. But I'm trying not to focus on that. Instead, I'm focused on all the things we did to make this shot have the highest chance of success. I'm not thinking about if it fails, only when it succeeds. I'm picturing myself in summer maternity clothes. I'm imagining multiples - like do they make strollers for triplets? How long can twins or triplets sleep in the crib together? How do parents tell them apart? This exercise makes twins seem like a walk in the park because at least I have two arms, two breasts, but I never did learn to juggle three balls. I even have names picked out that work for all scenarios except more than one boy. But that won't happen ;)

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