Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cycle 2 - countdown!

Once again on the birth control pill protocol. I'm just a few days in, and already was compelled to bake a chocolate cake and eat two pieces. So delicious and moist, mmmmm. This is the worst part, looking back at the first cycle. The symptoms I got from the pill were awful and I could not wait to stop. When I had my day 20 scan I was so excited to stop but they pushed me a few extra days on the pill. I learned later that it's because my clinic tries to avoid weekend retrievals. The injections didn't give me migraines or nausea or make me irritable (they did make me bloated and uncomfortable, but it was so close to the end it was all good). So here is my big countdown for now… the countdown to my day 20 scan. After that scan the official decision will be made about what day to stop the pill and away we go!!! Positive attitude, this one WILL work!!!

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