Tuesday, 10 December 2013

2 days post transfer

Two days ago I transferred one morula. I was disappointed that none of the seven embryos had made it to blastocyst stage by day 5, given how well they were going before, but maybe they just needed a few more hours? That's what I'm telling myself, it's easier to think that if the average time to morula is 96 hours from fertilization, and my retrieval was 11am (not sure what time ICSI was performed after that), and then transfer was at 10am, that gave them less than 120 hours to become blastocysts. So I also don't want to know how many were frozen the following day because if it's none, then I'm going to lose a lot of hope. Instead, I'm carrying on with my day under the belief that they all became blastocysts by the next day, including the one inside me, and today it should be hatching. So that's where I am today. Thinking happy thoughts. And drinking lots of Gatorade because it really seems to help with my swollen tender ovaries.

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