Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 1 again

It's not the day 1 that counts, I'm not starting my frozen transfer cycle this month, but it's planned for next month. For several months now I've looked ahead trying to predict the timing, and now that it's only a month out, the dates are looking a little more reliable. So it's time to start preparing.

I've been reading various sources (not necessarily reliable) to make a plan. I'm going to make some minor dietary changes. The coffee plan is just the start. I've cut back down to 1-2. That's manageable. I'll get it down to only 1 in two weeks, and then maybe just half for a week, and none by the start of the next cycle (estimated 29 days from today).

I'm also going to cut out the sweets. This is my weakness. I love chocolate (who doesn't) and the killer is that chocolate loves me! Fries, chips, pastries, they all go straight to my hips, but chocolate doesn't, I seem to tolerate it very well. Too well. But I know that all that processed and refined sugar is not good for me. So that's it, I'm off sweets. Fruit is nature's candy! So that's two massive changes. And I think that will be enough for this month. Otherwise we eat pretty well, and I'll be more conscientious about the whole grains, the full-fat dairy, and the nuts and seeds (because we have been slipping and buying white pastas, processed convenience foods, and lazily skipping our veggies).

Day 1 - yet another countdown begins. Estimated transfer date Nov 16. I'm starting to get excited!

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